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Framing Posters

Budget-Friendly options for making posters priceless. Your framing will ultimately depend on how you plan to use the poster.


Explain This Frame, Please

Do you think there is only ONE perfect frame for a piece of art? The answer is NO! Here’s how different frames can work with the same piece of art and why.


Fun & Games

Did you know that you can frame puzzles and games? Board games, puzzles, cards, and game pieces lend themselves very well to a framed display. What a great way to remember a happy memory in the midst of troubled times.


are the walls closing in

Are the Walls Closing In?

Does it feel like your walls are about to close in on you? Here are a few ways to prepare your framing projects for Life After Covid-19 (without actually leaving the house).


Which Size?

How To Choose The Right Size Of Artwork For Your Wall Space? Follow our guide to choose the best sizing for your room.


interview frame

Interview with a Frame

Learn about the process wood takes to become a beautiful picture frame! As told from the perspective of Barrington, a cherry wood frame.


love letters

Framed Love Letters

Whether it’s a love letter from your significant other, a scribbled note a friend left on your desk, or a postcard from around the world, framing can help you make those memories last.


Color Trends for 2020

Pantone© chose Classic Blue #19-4052 as the Color of the Year for 2020. Learn how to use this color in your framing and decor.


Your Holiday Home

Custom Framing can add a magical touch to your décor this holiday season! Deck the halls this holiday season by using custom framing to add a festive touch.


Give a Memorable Gift

‘Tis the season for gift-giving – make it a gift to remember! Framing is a unique gift that is from the heart and unlike anything else you’ll give this year.


Framing Oil Paintings

Oil paintings have been around for centuries, but do you know what it takes to frame one properly? Let’s break it down into its parts and pieces.


Framing Collections

How Do You Showcase And Preserve A Collection? You Frame It! Our creative designers can come up with a safe, attractive way to display your collection so you can enjoy it every day.


It’s All About The Kids

Celebrate the creative children in your life! Frame Kid’s Art, portraits, baby clothes, birth announcements, and more! We’ve got lots of colorful frame mouldings to match your child’s masterpiece.


what a difference a frame makes

What a Difference a Frame Makes

The frameless look is popular, but is it appropriate for what you need? Does it protect your art or enhance your image? Take a look to see what a difference a frame makes.


Honoring Our Heroes

Custom Framing lets you cherish the memory of your favorite Hero. Show them they will always be in your heart by transforming their picture into a framed display.


Framing Textiles

Just because a sentimental item is made of fabric doesn’t mean it has to spend a lifetime balled up in your closet. Fabric pieces make for rich visual displays so you can cherish your memories every day.


Fresh Look For The Season

The biggest trend in home décor right now is Comfort! The Danish have a word for it: Hygge. Learn how to apply Hygge to your home and framing.


Frames As Fashion

Picture frames aren’t often thought of as a fashion trend item, but they align closely with a time period’s decor tastes.


Color Trends for 2019

Pantone predicts Living Coral, a playful salmon-pink, will soon be trending in art, decor & fashion. Use it art, decor, framing and fashion.


Happy Holidays!

However you celebrate it and choose to say it, we wish you a joyous holiday season. Thank you so much for being our customer.


Gifts From The Heart

The holidays will be here before we know it, and you want to buy meaningful gifts for the special people on your list. Gift cards and Two-Day Shipping might be convenient, but custom framed gifts are treasured forever.


documents and diploma framing

Diploma-Worthy Framing

Custom framing your diploma is a great way to enhance and preserve it for the future. Help the grad in your life graduate to a custom frame!


great sports memories

Great Sports Memories

Relive Game-Winning Moments By Framing Sports Memorabilia! Bring that feeling back by framing jerseys, photos, tickets, autographs and these items so that you can look at them every day.


Four Steps To Creating A Memorable Project

It only takes 4 Easy Steps to create a memorable framed project with us. Just select your project’s theme, gather the items you’d like to include, and bring them in for a design consultation. We’ll work our framing magic so all you have to do is pick up your finished work of art and enjoy. Framing a family heirloom or displaying your valuable collections has never been easier!