all in the details

It’s All in the Details

Take a closer look at our custom framing!

A question we hear is, “Why is custom framing expensive?” The quick and easy answer is that it is ‘custom’ – it is being handmade specifically for your design and your needs. More importantly, it is because of the impeccable quality of workmanship we put into every project. Details matter in custom framing. Here are a few that deserve a closer look and how they can impact quality (click on each image to view larger).

fit issues

Example #1:
Fitting Issues

  • Notice the warped mats? This happens when the mat is cut too large for the frame – squeezing it in the package. It also can happen if moisture creeps into the frame package.
  • Turn it over – is there backing paper? This will help keep moisture and dust out, but also bugs that can eat your art.

mat issues

Example #2:
Matboard Issues

  • Notice the over-cut mat corners? This happens when the blade cutting the mat extends further than it should.
  • The darkened beveled edges are due to the acid in the mat – this can ‘burn’ into your art and damage it. Ask for ‘acid-free’ mats to avoid this.

frame issues

Example #3:
Frame Issues

  • Notice the ragged edges on the corner of the frame? This happens when the saw blade cutting the moulding isn’t sharp enough, tearing the wood instead of slicing through it.
  • Some frame corners have large gaps due to uneven cuts or warped moulding. We like to keep our corners clean and even!

glass issues

Example #4:
Glass Issues

  • Notice the faded art? This happens because the glass used to protect the art isn’t UV-filtering – offering no protection from UV rays. Insist on UV-filtering glass for your next project.
  • Is glare blocking your view of the art? Ask for options that minimize or eliminate glare.
All of these issues can easily be avoided –

All it takes is a little more time, attention to detail, and quality materials. Our professional framers have years of experience. You won’t see these problems with our framing because we care about your art.



We offer a workmanship guarantee.
Ask us for details.


Conservation / Preservation Grade Materials

Because we want your art or heirlooms to survive for a lifetime without change of color, damage from glues, or out- gassing from materials that are not acid-free, we use the very best materials for your projects.


Quality & Design

Quality is not as noticeable at first as design, but it’s just as important! We use Acid-free and 100% cotton rag mats and UV-filtering glass. Many of our frames are hand-finished solid wood. The Design is usually what everyone notices first. Our designers work with you to develop the best design for your piece.