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The ABC’s of Framing

The More You Know…

When you are at a frame shop, do you hear terms you aren’t familiar with? Does it sometimes feel like a foreign language?
We’ll take you back to school – grab a pen & paper and let’s begin!


is for ART –
The reason and foundation for framing

B is for BALANCE –
Various art & framing components working together

Making sure no materials are used to harm your art

is for DESIGN –
It must be pleasing to the eye!

is for ELATED! –
How you feel when you receive your completed project

is for FRAME –
It holds it all together

G is for GLAZING –
Glass or acrylic protection from dust, bugs and harmful UV light

H is for HANGING –
What else are you going to do with that piece?

What our designers can do for you!

J is for JOINING –
Attaching the cut moulding together to become a frame

K is for KEEPSAKE –
A special memento fit for framing

L is for LIGHTING – 
You want to see the art, so illuminate it!

is for MAT –
To keep the glazing off your art

is for NON-GLARE –
Glazing that has a reduced reflection for enhanced visibility

is for OPEN! –
Tuesday-Saturday: 10:00am-5:00pm
Wednesday: 10:00am-7:00pm

is for PICK-UP –
We’ll come to you. And we Deliver, too

is for QUALITY –
It’s what we build. We want your project to last forever

Nothing is more important to us than building one with you

S is for SHADOWBOX –
A deep frame for 3D objects

T is for TAPE –
Special framer’s tape holds fine art in place without damage

Rays that can harm art. Use UV-filtering glazing for protection

V is for VIRTUAL –
We can do this online!

W is for WOOD –
What most frames are made from

X is for X-BAR – 
A cross-bar creating extra strength for textiles or oversize projects

is for YELLOWING –
Discoloration that can happen when acidic materials touch your art

is for Z-BAR –
Used to hang heavy or large pieces


How many terms did you know?

Most of them are familiar, but if you knew all 26 – you must be a framer!
If you knew 15, you’ve had several pieces framed OR you listen to us when we talk.
If you knew 5, we need to see you more often – Stop in today!

Now you know your ABCs!

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