Go for the GOLD

…and get the BEST!

“The Gold Standard” is the example by which everything else is measured: it’s the best. When you see a gold frame on an art masterpiece, you might think it looks timeless, luxurious, and valuable. How can you bring that quality look and feel into your home? Here are a few examples of using gold in your art and framing.

Show off with GOLD Artwork

Egyptian gold art

The use of gold brings this artwork to life and enhances the detail. Because we didn’t want to overpower the art, a contrasting frame was used.

gold foil art

This is an engraving made on a piece of gold metal plate. It is a beautiful and unusual piece of art that belongs in a frame to protect it from bending and other damage that can happen to a soft metal.

the kiss gold art

You most likely have seen Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss, in which the use of gold-leaf is prominent. Klimt was heavily influenced by Byzantine mosaics during his Golden Period.

gold coins

These gold collector medallions were meant to be shown off. Because the medallions are small, we united them with a creative mat design and used a gold frame to balance the look.

Make an Impression with GOLD Frames

gold abstract frame

When a piece of art is this small (6”x6”), it needs a little help from a mat so that it doesn’t get neglected. The art is modern and high-contrast, so it is best to keep the surrounding elements the same. A simple black mat and sleek gold frame does the trick.

gold frame military

Veterans, thank you for your Service. What a great way to honor your favorite veteran by framing their important military papers. Veterans Day is everyday!

gold statue

Art isn’t always flat. This beautiful three-dimensional sculpture is surrounded by an equally beautiful gold frame, creating a show-stopper.

gold frames

gold mats

Add a Touch of GOLD with Mats & Fillets

Use gold mats when you want to add a luxurious touch or sparkle. A little goes a long way – gold can be subtle and still get it’s point across.

gold mats

This wedding invitation is subtle yet striking. The muted golds and silvers are soft and opulent without being gaudy.

gold fillets

Do you notice that small inner gold frame? That’s a fillet, (pronounced ‘fill-it’) and it can provide a finishing touch to your art. Notice how your eye is drawn to the focal point of the art?

mothers day

Precious as GOLD

Maya Angelou said, “To describe my mother would be to write about a hurricane in its perfect power. Or the climbing, falling colors of a rainbow.”

Show the Mothers in your life how much you care. Frame a cherished memento for her. Mother’s Day is May 8th this year!

wedding gold frame

A wedding lasts only moments but your love is unending. Frame your cherished wedding day memory.

graduation frame

A diploma is more than just a piece of paper; it represents years of hard work and deserves a frame worthy of the effort. Frame those gold tassels!

military gold frame

Military service is honorable and steeped in tradition. Tasteful use of gold can exemplify that service.

Olympic gold

The gold medal is the goal of the Olympics. If you were lucky enough to attend an Olympics event, go for the gold when framing your memories!