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karen and john

John & Karen Heltman

The Picture Framing Pros

Making custom picture framing an art form!

Karen, a natural artist, was born in Lima, Ohio.  John, a natural entrepreneur, was born in Bellevue, Ohio. They were married in 1992 and began looking ahead to the possibility of sharing a second career together…one that would merge Karen’s artistic skills and John’s marketing skills and entrepreneurial spirit. After enjoying a three day seminar on professional picture framing in Chicago, you could say “the rest is history.”

The Heltman’s spare bedroom served as their first workshop as they began to hone their framing skills. They attended numerous training programs taught though The Professional Picture Framers Association (PPFA). While attending the West Coast Art and Frame Expo (WCAFE), they participated in workshops taught by framers from around the world. They have been lucky enough to study one-on-one with several of the top framers in the United States. Several years ago, they moved out of the bedroom, opened their first commercial shop, and continued to learn and grow their business.

In 2016, they opened a newly renovated and expanded shop, The Picture Framing Pros.  The Pros won numerous state and regional PPFA awards for their framing contest entries, but their hard work and education paid off when they won their first national PPFA award.  In January of 2017, they received the year’s award for Innovative Use of Materials in Framing. Their entry included what is believed to be the first metal fillet (small frame inside a frame) ever used in the picture framing industry. The thrill was not only in winning the award, but also knowing that a panel of experienced framers judged their entry worthy enough to join the elite circle of framing industry innovators that had won the award in the past.

Besides an incredible selection, you can always count on The Pros to give the quality and service you deserve.  Here is what you can always expect:

  • No sales clerks:  There are no sales clerks in our shop. Our design consultants are just that — consultants with art backgrounds and years of experience! They will help you create an exceptional framing solution.
  • We go the extra mile:  When it comes to frames, we are meticulous. We have rigorously sought out extraordinary frames from around the world so that your frame is the perfect frame.
  • Handled with care: We know how much you cherish your art, and we treat it as if it were our own. We guarantee that your art will never leave our premises. Unlike others, we actually do all our framing on the premises usually within 21 days–or less!
  • Cutting Edge Technology: We use cutting edge technology such as our Computerized Mat Cutter (CMC) and Computerized Framer Visualization Software to offer unique designs in a variety of materials and techniques. Learn more about our state-of-the-art techniques.
  • Award-Winning Design: We’ve won numerous state and national awards for our creative framing design and innovative use of framing materials. Read more about our awards and why you should choose The Pros as your framers.

Stop in today to see the difference The Picture Framing Pros make!