Frames As Fashion

Décor Trends Through The Ages

Picture frames aren’t often thought of as a fashion trend item, but they align closely with a time period’s decor tastes. Art styles change over the centuries and are reflected in the era’s architecture, design, décor, fashion…and framing!

Think back to the frames you have seen gracing everything from museum masterpieces to Grandma’s family photos…each has a unique look in accordance to its era. Here are a few examples.



Gorgeous hand-carved Italianate mouldings add timeless elegance to Renaissance paintings…



The gilded extravagance of ornate Baroque frames surrounded fanciful landscapes and stately portraits…



Dark oval frames with intricate decoration were popular in the Victorian era…

art nouveau

Art Nouveau

Swirling florals and delicate curves marked the turn of the New century and the growing print industry…

art deco

Art Deco

The Roaring 20’s brought sleek, gilded frames with clean lines and geometric patterns…



Simple frames adorned works of epic landscapes or hardworking farmers in a return to realistic nature…

mid century


Smooth wood frames with traditional grain or burl texture adorned living room walls and family photos…



Space age computer-based graphics and neon colors made metal frames popular in the 80’s…


Today’s Minimalism

Styles are always changing. Minimalism is the trendiest framing style currently. Simple, clean lines are the best sellers. We see many pieces that look almost ‘frameless’ and work well with modern home decor. Even if something appears frameless, it still needs a durable and attractive method of display. Gallery-wrapped canvas is extremely popular right now. If you have a canvas stretched on a wood frame, it still needs a frame because the stretcher bars can warp. Ask us how to keep that ‘frameless’ look for your canvas!

What Style Does Your Art NEED?

It’s fun to be trendy, but there is no one frame style that is right for your art. Always frame based on what your art needs, not necessarily what is popular. If the art calls for a fancy Baroque frame, give it one! If a sleek metal border is the perfect choice, don’t deny it. Framing to the art will create a timeless style that you will never grow tired of, even when the current trends change.